A mapping of training materials and tools for institutional change towards gender equality

SUPPORTER has finalised a mapping of training materials and tools developed by EC-funded projects implementing institutional change towards gender equality, with a specific focus on training related to gender-based violence. This mapping was performed as a means of inspiration for the development of SUPPORTER’s training scheme. 

The review incorporates training and tools from 11 distinct projects, including specific resources on gender equality in sports and a database with valuable material for developing and implementing GEPs. 

SUPPORTER’s deliverable also highlights strengths and weaknesses in current training and offers general recommendations for building upon these existing resources. Key learnings: 

  • Develop comprehensive training that clearly and explicitly integrates gender-based violence in the development and implementation of GEPs: Most of the mapped projects that have designed relevant training have a focus on gender+ and include an intersectional approach. This focus, however, is not explicitly considered in training and tools. Further, the mapping shows that gender-based violence is not comprehensively covered in the training.  
  • Develop training and training tools for leadership and management levels: The mapping shows a lack of tools and training developed for the leadership/management level.  
  • Use or gain inspiration from existing open-access training and tools, especially materials within projects with a capacity to grow e.g GE Academy has train-the-trainer tools and online resources that can be used by other organisations than those included in the project. 
  • The responsibility should be specified and shared, not only by the leadership/management and the inner circle of experts, to reach out to the broader community: The mapping review shows that the responsibility for change is often placed on gender experts, rather than the unspecified “community of universities”, or scholars.