The SUPPORTER partnership has links with wide range of projects that aim at fostering institutional changes, general and towards gender+ equality with an intersectional lense.

Projects focused on Gender Equality Plans


Through the joint efforts of six partners, universities from 3 widening countries performs a responsible assessment of the current status of their GEP implementation, improving capabilities through intensive capacity building with the help of 3 mentor organisations. They develop and implement a GEP for agriculture and life sciences with sector-specific measures.


Building Gender+ Equality Through Gender+ Budgeting For Institutional Transformation (Budget-It) is a three-year project designed to use gender+ budgeting to transform institutions to advance inclusive gender+ equality and enhance the reputation, inclusiveness, and research excellence of the widening countries of Bosnia, Serbia and Turkey assisted by leading university counterparts in Italy and Spain.


NEXUS co-designs, implements, monitors and evaluates innovative and targeted actions aimed at bridging inclusivity gaps in nine research organisations and their respective R&I ecosystems with the aim to bolster institutional change through the development of inclusive Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in intersectional and intersectoral directions.


The project is committed to strive towards gender equality, mitigating barriers to the recruitment, retention, and career progression of female researchers, and addressing gender imbalances in decision-making. ATHENA delivers and implements Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in 8 research performing (RPOs) and research funding organizations (RFOs), ensuring a gender equality in research opportunities for a thriving European society.


MINDtheGEPs unites 10 research organisations from 7 EU countries in the quest to close the gender gap in research and innovation. Together, universities, research centres, and a scientific publisher work to ensure gender equality in academia and scientific research! Towards more open and inclusive research organisations! With a focus on fixing the system, not the women.


The project overarching objective is to tackle gender inequality in Business and Management schools with benefit to research organisations across ERA through the development, effective implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs).


CALIPER supports 7 Research Performing Organisations and 2 Research Funding Organisations to design and implement tailored and inclusive Gender Equality Plans for achieving structural changes bringing gender balance and a greater engagement of female researchers to STEM fields.


RESET (Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together) envisions a human-centric, inclusive and diversity respectful approach for an intersectional approach to gender equality, as an EU project, funded by the Horizon 2020, empowered by 7 pioneering Universities across six EU countries

Community of practice & capacity-building projects


Representing 22 EU Member States and 3 Associated Countries in two Communities of Practice of national authorities and research funders, GENDERACTIONplus aims to advance gender equality and inclusiveness objectives of the new European Research Area (ERA) through capacity building, policy exchange and coordination, and the provision of strategic policy advice.


The project will develop a pan-European collaboration and learning hub based on the Living Lab principles to become the open innovation framework for all European actors for open gendered innovation. It will focus on 4 macro-objectives: a) to enable the organisational and cultural changes, b) to enhance professional development, c) to increase the integration of gender and diversity into product design, technologies and innovation, and d) to allow gendered educational practices.

Research Projects


The project aims to develop innovative tools and knowledge to address intersecting inequalities across the public and private sectors and geographical regions in Europe.


Th project aims to produce better knowledge on gender-based violence and sexual harassment (GBV) in research performing organisations (RPOs), and to translate this knowledge into operational tools for higher education, research organisations and policymakers.

Projects developing Gender Equality in Sport

All In Plus

The project aims to ensure that the relative invisibility of women in sport and the ongoing lack of awareness about gender imbalance in sport and related issues are brought clearly to the forefront.