Marie-José Pérec: a French legend of track and field

Marie-José Pérec, born in 1968 in Guadeloupe, is a French athletics legend, renowned nationally and internationally. 


  • At 16, she moved to Paris where her talents were quickly recognized, leading her to represent France in the 1988 Olympics
  • Her breakthrough came in 1991 when she became the World Champion in the 400 m, setting the stage for a series of successes.
  • In 1992, she dominated the Barcelona Olympics, winning the 400 m with a significant lead.
  • In 1996, at the Atlanta Games, she made history by winning both the 400 m and 20 0m events, a feat yet to be replicated.
  • Her record time of 48.25 seconds in the 400 m remains unbeaten.


Beyond her outstanding sports career, Marie-José Pérec has been involved in various activities related to the world of sports. As a committed personality, she advocates for an "inclusive" team to light the torch at the 2024 Olympics, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and diversity in modern French sports. 



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