CALIPER / LeTSGEPs Joint final event

Inclusive research and innovation ecoysystem: A sustainable way forward for gender equality

CALIPER and LeTSGEPs are two sister projects or initiatives related to SUPPORTER, and funded under the Horizon 2020 scheme. They seek to support the development and implementation of gender equality plans in various research-performing organisations and higher education institutions. As both projects are nearing completion, they are teaming up to organise a joint final event.

Event Details


  • 23 November 2023


  • Bruxelles, Belgium

Target audiences

Researchers (including post-doc and PhD students), innovation leaders, decision-makers, human resources and gender equality practitioners.

Main highlight

The event provides an occasion for learning, exchanging best practices, and weighing on ways to achieve inclusive, and sustainable institutional change with regards to gender equality.

The conference will be marked by the launch of CALIPER Charter of Gender+ Inclusive R&I Ecosystems. Participants will receive a copy of the LeTSGEPs Handbook, which offers guidance on implementing GEPs and Gender Budgeting to promote gender equality in Research Organisations.