Welcome to SUPPORTER, SecUring sPORTs Education thRough innovative and inclusive Gender Equality Plans

SUPPORTER, “SecUring sPORTs Education thRough innovative and inclusive Gender Equality Plans”, is an EU-funded project running from April 2023 until September 2025. It aims to support eight sports higher education institutions from Central and Eastern Europe in developing their own intersectional, innovative, inclusive and impactful Gender Equality Plans, explicitly addressing gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

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Marie-José Pérec: a French legend of track and field

Marie-José Pérec, born in 1968 in Guadeloupe, is a French athletics legend, renowned nationally and internationally.    At ...
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Engaging men and challenging harmful masculinities in sports 

In a sports ecosystem largely dominated by men, especially in leadership positions, masculinity is strongly embedded in the ...
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Defining the 4IGEPs: The four essential terms for transformative gender equality plans. 

In sports higher education institutions, achieving gender equality is not just a goal but a necessity. Gender equality ...
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How to handle informal complaints about gender-based violence? 

SUPPORTER partners are developing comprehensive Gender Equality Plans (GEPs), explicitly tackling gender-based violence and sexual harassment. While institutional ...
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A mapping of training materials and tools for institutional change towards gender equality

SUPPORTER has finalised a mapping of training materials and tools developed by EC-funded projects implementing institutional change towards ...
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Sport as a high-risk arena: Key problems within sports higher education and institutions

In SUPPORTER's deliverable on Inclusive Gender+ Equality Policy and Practice in Sports Higher Education Institutions, partners from ORU ...
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Sport Education institutions


Expert Partners



from across Central and Eastern Europe but also Western Europe, the Caucasus, Scandinvavia


Innovative Gender Equality Plans

Our game plan

Through team work, a well designed strategy, established methods and techniques SUPPORTER strives to reach the wider sports ecosystem in the CEE region and in the long run contribute to wide societal changes when to comes to Gender Equality.

On the ground, this will translate into:


8 Gender Equality Plans for Sports Education Institutions that also address gender based-violence


Gender + equality and gender based-violence policies and practices in the field of sport education


Mutual learning: development of training and mentoring-monitoring scheme



Identify systemic challenges

Develop mutual-learning processes activities

Strengthen organisational capacity

Foster an inclusive institutional culture

Strengthen networking and exchange

Foster institutional changes

Focus on gender-based violence

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